The link below will allow you to see a powerpoint on my classroom expectations and rules for the school year.   It also has point value of assignments and contact information for myself.

7th Grade Math Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are subject to change, due to assembly's, meetings, or understanding of concepts.  Please understand that we occasionally need to be flexible.  All students should know what lesson was completed on the previous day, to help clear up possible dates/assignment changes.


15th: L 2-4 Mean, Median and Mode    GP p. 69 1-9 all
*Assign p. 72-73 10-17, 20-23
16th : L 2-5 Stem/Leaf Plots (4.2.K1)  *GP p. 76  3-10
*Assign p. 78-79 12-21 all, 26-32 all
17th:  Weebly website
20th: L 2-6 Box/Whisker Plot    (4.2.K1)
GP p. 80  1-6     *Assign p. 83 7-14, 16-19
21st:    L 2-7 Bar Graphs (4.2.K1)
          GP. P. 85 1-6   Do together  p. 89 20-23
22nd:   L 2-8 (4.2.A3)  Misleading Statistics
GP. p. 92 1-6   *Assign p. 94-95 7-14, 15-24 
23rd:   Practice Test  p. 99   Stand Test p. 100-101
24th:     Chapter 2 Test
27th:  Math Mag Day/Weebly
28th:  Math Mag Due?  Lesson 3-1 Integers/absolute value
    pg 108    
Assign 11-28, 30, 32, 37,38, 41-45 
        (2nd hour students see me for assignment)

29th: Lesson 3-2  Comparing/ordering Integers pg. 111 assign: 
11-42 all (low group- 11-22, 23-28, 29-31, 34-42)
30th: Lesson 3-4 adding integers pg. 120 assign:  11-26, 31-45

1st: Lesson 3-5 Subtracting Integers pg. 130-131 12-44 all
4th: Lesson 3-6 Multiplying Integers pg. 136 assign:  14-40 even, 44, 50-60 all   low group: 14-23, 28-31, 36-38
5th: Lesson 3-7 Dividing Integers pg. 140-141 assign:  11-33 all, 40-49




My 7th grade math students will also have a weebly account that they will create as well.  Your child will have information on how to access his/her account.  We will update our website periodically throughout the year, so please continue to check your child's website for updates throughout the year, as well as mine for updates.  You will be able to find my lesson plans, helpful math information for class, study tools and my social studies study guides.
Several Pencils & 2 red pens
school calculator &
2 single subject notebooks  
Notebook Paper & 3x5 Index Cards
Metric/standard ruler
Good Attitude